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Technical Information

IMPORTANT: Do not depend on drilling action to tighten the threads later; make sure all are checked and tightened prior to ANY use.

For proper torque ranges for the hammer threads, please use the following chart:

Proper Torque Ranges for Hammers
Altitude Correction

The following chart shows the adjustment necessary in the compressor rating as altitude changes. Simply multiply the correction factor to the standard air compressor rating (at sea level) to find the difference in compressor output.

For Example:

If an air compressor is rated .1200 scfm at sea level and is .used at 8000 ft elevation, multiply 1200 scfm x .73 = 876 scfm.

Tong Placement

The use of heat or welding on the hammer will void the warranty. Never place the tongs too close to the edge of the wearsleeve/piston case; use chart to find proper tong location.

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