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Columbia, PA 17512

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DTH Hammers

American Made


  • EDM produces Geothermal Drills

  • (DTH) Down The Hole Rock Hammers

  • (HDH) Horizontal Directional Hammers

  • Bits

  • Hammer Replacement Parts for these industries: geothermal, gas, oil, mining, construction, quarries, and water well.


EDM manufactures many top quality bits in the following shanks: QL, SD, DHD, and HDH. They range in size from 3-3/4" to 12-1/2". Call for a complete list of current bits and sizes.

Contact us at 1.800.233.0173 for a distributor near you or go to our Sales Force Page for pricing and special requests.

Hammer Parts

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DTH Hammers Drilling Bits

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